Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Demo Has PS4 Pro Support, Comparison Pics Show Huge Difference

Square Enix has released the latest Final Fantasy XV demo titled Judgment disc. This demo is available right now on the PlayStation Store in Japan and can be downloaded by making a Japanese PSN account.

There was a surprise in this demo that it already included support for a better quality graphics option for the PS4 Pro. To select the better quality graphics options, you will need to head over to the options and check the settings under HDR. There are two modes available, one is default, which is the standard PS4 quality settings. The other option is for high quality graphics.

You can see a comparison between both gameplay modes in the screenshots below. Keep in mind that the PS4 Pro support is still being worked on as revealed by Square Enix so we can expect more improvements as the game launch draws closer. These screenshots were shared by NeoGAF users TraceCoolbgdog12, Primethius, Slaythe and Venom Fox.

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The first comparison shows the most visible difference. The foliage density is improved on the PS4 Pro while jaggies and shimmering is eliminated. The anisotropic filtering has received an increase which provides better ground textures. The shadow quality also receives a boost as seen by observing the shadows cast by the characters. It is a great improvement overall to have on the PS4 Pro and definitely makes the purchase of the hardware worth it.

More screenshots from the PS4 Pro version can be seen below. The jaggies are almost completely eliminated on the PS4 Pro making for cleaner looking image quality.

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Final Fantasy XV is currently confirmed for a release on November 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what do you think about this comparison between the different graphics mode on the PS4 Pro in the comments below.

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