Final Fantasy XV – How To Level Up Prompto’s Photography Skill

In Final Fantasy XV, each character of your group has a unique skill that no other character has. Noctic has his fishing ability, while Ignis is a great chef, and Gladiolus picks up items from the ground while the group travels the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Prompto’s special ability is Photography. This is a passive skill that levels up. He takes photos during special events and even during combat. Even though his ability is passive, there are several ways that you can trigger it and make it level up faster. The more photos Prompto takes, the faster his ability will level up.

Final Fantasy XV Prompto Photography

At the end of every day, Prompto will showcase some of the photos he has captured throughout the day. You can choose to save these photos in your gallery or share it on your social media. However, this does not help you level up his photography skill.

How To Level Up Photography In Final Fantasy XV:

The only way you can level up Prompto’s photography skills is by triggering the skill. You can initiate Boss fights, or meet a new person in game. This will instantly trigger Prompto’s ability, making him snap a quick photo.

While you play the game, Prompto will randomly ask other characters of the group about what they would like to see in his photos. You can choose any of the options, and Prompto will focus more on whatever you chose.

Final Fantasy XV Prompto Photography

You can also pay attention to whatever Prompto says, as he can randomly ask you to stop the vehicle so that he can take a photo of the scenery. Prompto will also ask you to take photos near a town sign, or next to a statue of a bird sitting on a bench outside diners. Upgrading the Photography skill unlocks several different filters for Prompto, allowing him to add effects to the photos he captures.

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Hopefully this guide will help you level up Prompto’s passive ability. It’s not an easy one to level up and requires a lot of time and patience. Final Fantasy XV is developed and published by Square Enix, and is available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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