Final Fantasy XV March 14th Timed Quest Rewards 1.25 Million Gil, Location Revealed

Square Enix has updated the Timed Quest in Final Fantasy XV to add the latest hunt in the game. This time, the hunt is for a Level 140 Behemoth that can be attempted at any point during the game. However if you are low level, it is obviously not ideal to attempt to fight it.

The newest addition to the Timed Quest appears to make the player rich with cash as it rewards the first time users a healthy sum of money and AP points. The reward for the timed quest along with its location can be seen below.

The quest is located near Hammerhead in Longwythe Peak. It rewards 30,000 exp, 999 ap, 1,250,000 gil and 9 Oracle Ascension coins, which can be traded for powerful accessories in Altissia. The opponent here is a Level 140 Dread Behemoth, which appears to be quite powerful and can easily one hit kill most characters.

The trick to this quest is to to use the warp points to heal while attacking once you see an opening. Daggers won’t do much damage here so using the Raganorak sword with the Warp Strike critical skill unlocked should work best here. Dread Behemoth has a huge defense buff so attacks won’t do much damage. He can give a good chunk of experience points so eating food that buff experience points along with moogle charm should make experience points farming easier here.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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