Final Fantasy XV: New AP Farming After Update 1.03 Gives 500 AP In 15 Mins

Final Fantasy XV allows the player to learn cool new abilities or unlock new techniques through the use of Ascension Grid. This Ascension Grid unlocks new nodes with abilities by utilizing AP, which can be gained through a variety of ways.

The latest update release for Final Fantasy XV has added a Holidays Pack for users that allows easy AP gain by using accessories. There is a new trick available using these accessories that improve the rate through which we can gain AP in the game. This trick was shared by reddit user paulthepage and he also made a video detailing this method, which you can see below.

Items you’ll need: -Armiger Accelerator -Blitzer’s Fanfare -Warrior’s Fanfare

Ascension node needed -Armiger Action

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Go to the standard location in three valleys with the Shield of the Just and call the dogs
  2. WAIT for the battle mode to be activated before killing them. Good timing is required here as if you wait too long, your party will kill the dogs and you’ll lose AP from warpstrikes
  3. After you kill all the dogs activate armiger to get +1 AP. Good timing is also required here as well as an awareness of the pack number. You don’t want to activate it when there’s a dog still alive as you’ll deplete the armiger bar and waste time. The best time to activate it is before the orange bar of the last dog you kill is half depleted. You’ll get the +1 AP from activating it and barely deplete the bar. Ideally you’ll be using it at the end of every pack.
  4. You’ll get +3 AP from having an A+ in Timing and Offense thanks to the fanfares. As soon as you see this number, summon a new pack of dogs. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to summon another pack until after the Report Card finishes distributing exp.

This is perhaps the fastest way to gain AP in the post-game so if you are looking forward to unlocking some of the more expensive skills like the Air Dance or the 999 Limit Break removing skills for each of the characters, perhaps you can try your hand at this method.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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