Final Fantasy XV – How The New Combat System Works

Final Fantasy XV’s combat system is very different from the older games in the series. The new game has an entirely new way to fight. Final Fantasy XV adapts the fighting system of the Kingdom Heart series, however, the Open Battle system can be confusing to some.

This guide will help you get a better understanding on the new Combat System and will make battles easier to win.

How The New Combat System Works:

In previous Final Fantasy games, upon encountering an enemy, players were pulled into battle. In Final Fantasy XV however, the combat is a lot more fluid, allowing players to go in and out of battle freely. The battles are fought in real-time so you’ll have to stay on your toes in order to win.

Final Fantasy XV

Tips on Winning Battles in Final Fantasy XV:

  • Combos make fights a lot easier, if you execute them correctly. Use Warp-strikes, normal attacks and Blindside attacks to deal tons of damage to your enemy.
  • Stay together for a better chance of survival. Upon encountering a tough enemy, it’s better to stay close to other members of your group. Staying close to each other helps your members revive you if you enter the Danger Mode during combat.
  • Find the enemy’s weakness by using Wait Mode or scan them with Libra. Finding an enemies weakness will allow you to do tons of damage, making fights a lot easier.
  • Parry and dodging are extremely crucial in battles. These help you avoid enemy attacks, and keeps you active in battle for a long time.

Managing MP is also very important in battle. Aside from pulling off flashy moves, MP also allows players to evade enemy attacks. When fighting tough enemies, it is very important for players to evade attacks in order to survive.

Blindside attacks are very helpful during battle. Blindside attacks do bonus damage, and also trigger a Link Attack. Link Attacks cause another member of the party and Noctis to perform a stronger Blindside attack. This combo Blindside attack deals a lot of damage and can help you win a fight easily.

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Hopefully this guide will help you win your battles, and make fighting a lot easier. Share some tips which we might’ve missing, in the comments below.

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