Final Fantasy XV Might Get 4 DLC Packs With New Season Pass; Story Updates In 2018

Final Fantasy XV director Hajima Tabata has recently talked about some of their plans for the upcoming updates for Final Fantasy XV. According to the game director, they announced more story related updates for the game in 2018 after the demand and expectations by the fans.

In an interview with Famitus (via reddit), Tabata talked in detail about their plans for 2018 including discussing another potential Season Pass for the game with additional 4 DLC packs. While Tabata was just speculating, he didn’t really confirm that the plans are set in motion rather they are just considering it for now.

He stated that if it wasn’t the demand by fans they would have ‘finished already’ with the development of the game. However to meet the expectations of fans, they have decided to continue working on it leading into 2018.

As for another potential Season Pass, Tabata stressed that if they go for more DLC, it will be for a ‘meaningful reason’ and they might have 4 DLC packs, which he consider the maximum for a large scale AAA game. As for the release format for these DLCs, they might go with another Season Pass once they are done with Episode Ignis.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It was also announced for the Windows and Steam and will launch there in early 2018.

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