Final Fantasy XV: New Spooky Samurai Enemy And Chocobo Riding Screenshots Released

Square Enix has released two brand new screenshots from Final Fantasy XV featuring a new enemy type and the whole party riding a set of Chocobos. These screenshots were shared by the official Final Fantasy XV account on Twitter.

First of all, Square Enix shared new information on this new Final Fantasy XV enemy called Numb Blade. This new enemy is modeled after a traditional Japanese Samurai and this was the main intention behind his design, created by Chihiro Hashi.

With Halloween just one day away—the sinister look on this monster’s face sends chills down our spine. The design of the Numb Blade by Chihiro Hashi has a Japanese touch as this character is modeled after samurai. For instance, look at the tied knot of the waist string – this particular way of tying a knot called a “ronin (masterless samurai) knot” is a representation of his social status as a poor ronin. As kimono and swords are not imaginary but rather they are traditional elements of the Japanese culture, we took great pains to create assets that are true to traditional structures by researching specialized books and carefully observing real swords. What monsters will lurk in the shadows tonight?


Square Enix also shared a new screenshot from the game featuring the party riding Chocobos. This screen appears to be taken at the same location as seen in the last Chocobo Riding video, which featured a Swamp and had an introduction to the Fishing minigame.


Final Fantasy XV is currently set for a release in 2016 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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