Final Fantasy XV: How To Obtain The Best Great Sword In The Game

We recently guided players on where to find Balmung Sword. The Balmung Sword is the most powerful weapon in the sword catergory. The Balmung Sword has an attack rating of 446, which is the highest when it comes to swords in Final Fantasy XV.

This guide will help you find the Apocalypse, which is the best Great Sword in the game. The Apocalypse has a very high attack rating of 597, and increases the wielder’s HP by 403. This is one of the most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Apocalypse

Where To Find The Apocalypse In Final Fantasy XV:

Similar to the Balmung Sword, in order to obtain the Apocalypes, you need to complete the main story campaign for Final Fantasy XV, and complete the Dungeons quest to obtain the Dungeon Seal Key, which allows you to open specific doors inside Dungeons.

Once you obtain the Dungeon Seal key, select the quest called A Menace Sleeps and head to the Balouve Mines dungeon. In the Balouve Mines dungeon, there will be a secret door, which can be found by going through an small opening in the wall, near the boss fight. Continue through the dungeon, and you will eventually reach the Apocalypse. It will be on the ground, and is very easy to spot.

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The Apocalypse is an amazing weapon, as it has an offensive attribute with its high attack rating, and also has a defensive attribute which gives the wielder more HP. Hopefully this guide helped you find the weapon.

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