Final Fantasy XV: How To Obtain A Fully Upgraded Drain Lance

While playing Final Fantasy XV, you might come across a weapon called the Drain Lance. This weapon can be found on the ground after defeating Magitek soldiers near the end of Chapter I.

The Drain Lance is a very useful weapon in the early parts of the game, and has the ability to absorb the elemental powers of enemies you defeat while using it. This weapons is strong early on in the game, however, you can upgrade it and make it even stronger.

Final Fantasy XV Drain Lance

How To Get Drain Lance II:

To upgrade your Drain Lance, all you have to do is find Metal Scrap, and take it to Cid. Metal Scrap is very easy to find, but if you are having trouble finding it, go to Galdin Quay and you should be able to find it near the entrance to the hotel. When you take the Metal Scrap and the Drain Lance back to Cid. He’ll take the Metal Scrap from you and will reward you with Drain Lance II and EXP.

How To Get Drain Lance III:

After you upgrade your Drain Lance to Drain Lance II, Cid will need Coeurl Whiskers to further upgrade the weapon. If you are doing this quest at an early part of the story campaign, there’s a good chance you have not encountered a Coeurl yet. You can find Coeurl at the Keycatrich Ruins which is at the Northernmost point of Leide.

Once you find Coeurl, and obtain the whiskers, go back to Cid. Hand over the Drain Lance II and the Coeurl Whiskers. This upgrade will take some time, so complete some other quests to pass the time. After you get a call from Cid, head back to Hammerhead and pick up your brand new, fully upgraded Drain Lance III.

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Hopefully this guide helps you obtain the Drain Lance, and complete the “A Better Drain Lance” quest in Final Fantasy XV.

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