Final Fantasy XV – How To Obtain All Legendary Weapons

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Legendary weapons are the strongest weapons in the game, with exception to weapons that are located  in hidden dungeons. This guide will help you obtain all five of the legendary weapons in Final Fantasy XV.

After you complete the main story of the game, and return to the open world, head to a town called Lestallum. Here you will find a new special quest, which will be given to you by the legendary blacksmith, Randolph. Randolph will send you on a series of quests that will get harder along the way.

Legendary Two-Handed Sword, Iron Juke:

The first quest that Randolph will send you on will reward you with the legendary two-handed sword, Iron Juke. This quest will require you to defeat Bennu, the giant bird that you saw at the early stages of the game. Bennu is level 55 and is weak to thunder spells so I would suggest getting high level thunder spells for the battle. When you defeat Bennu, you will get a Jet-Black Beak. Bring that back to Randolph and receive your brand new legendary sword.

Legendary Spear, Dragoon Lance:

After you complete the first part of Randolph’s quest, he will offer you another quest which will reward you with another legendary weapon upon completion. This time, Randolph will send you to Vesperpools, where you will have to defeat a level 65 Malbodoom. This is a fairly easy and simple battle, as the Malbodoom is resistant to fire and Blizzard will do a lot of damage to the beast. Upon defeating the Malbodoom, return to Randolph who will give you the legendary spear, Dragoon Lance.


Legendary Shield, Zeidrich:

After you claim your Dragoon Lance reward from the previous part of the quest, Randolph will send you on a new quest. This time, you will have to travel to the Fallgrove parking spot. This quest can only be completed during the night. When you reach the location, you will encounter two Sir Tonberry’s which you will have to defeat. This will be the hardest battle yet, as these enemies do a lot of damage. This battle requires a lot of patience. The best way to survive is by using the Holy dodge and wait long enough to summon Ramuh. Once you have defeated both of the enemies, return to Randolph with the Chef’s Knife. Randolph will reward you with the Legendary shield, Zeidrich.

Legendary Sword, Soul Saber:

For the fourth part of Randolph’s quest, you will have to take down a level 85 Phalaris. This is probably the easiest fight so far in the Randolph quest chain. Phalaris is a slow attacker and the place where the battle takes place is very open. Once you defeat Phalaris, grab the Resplendent Hollowhorn and head back to Randolph. Randolph with reward you with the Soul Saber. This is one of the best weapons in the game in my opinion.

Legendary Crossblades, Zwill Crossblades:

The fifth and final quest that Randolph gives you is one of the highest leveled mission in Final Fantasy XV, with a recommended level of 99 and a boss who is level 120. In this quest, you will have to take down Naglfar, and this is going to be a very tough fight. Fire magic is very effective against your enemy, and I would suggest bringing as many potions with you as possible. Once you defeat Naglfar, return to Randolph with the Squirming Bone. He will reward you with the final legendary weapon, Zwill Crossblades.

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This concludes Randolph’s quest chain, and you now own all the legendary weapons available in Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully this guide helps you collect all the legendary weapons. Final Fantasy XV is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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