Final Fantasy XV – How To Obtain The Only Sniper Rifle In The Game

Final Fantasy XV has a vast variety of weapons, from Swords to Daggers, the game has a weapon that caters to every play style. In Final Fantasy XV, players can obtain several firearms that aid them in battle, however, the game only has one Sniper Rifle.

The Cerberus Rifle is the only sniper rifle in the game, and is exclusive to Noctis. This guide will help you obtain this powerful sniper rifle, which can help you greatly in battle. The sniper rifle is extremely powerful, and can take down enemies, or disable them.

How To Obtain The Cerberus Rifle In Final Fantasy XV:

The Cerberus Rifle is not that hard to find. The sniper rifle can be found in the Fort Vaullerey. This Fort can be accessed after you reach a certain point in the story campaign. It is very easy to find once you gain access to the Fort.

Once you are inside the Fort, turn left until you reach a small storage room. The Cerberus Rifle is located on a crate. The images above show the exact location of the room which has the sniper rifle in it.

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The Cerberus Rifle can be very useful, and can help you win any fight easily. Hopefully this guide helped you locate the Cerberus Rifle. Final Fantasy XV is developed and published by Square Enix, and is available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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