Final Fantasy XV Online Multiplayer Expansion Comrades Revealed

Square Enix has shared the first set of screenshots from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV online multiplayer expansion called ‘Comrades’. This expansion was already confirmed to be the final DLC for the Season Pass owners. While the release date of this expansion hasn’t been confirmed yet, there will be an open beta for it on August 2nd for the PS4 users and August 3rd for the Xbox One users.

You can find a set of screenshots along with the official logo for this DLC expansion below. You will be able to customize an avatar that you can use to battle online through a variety of missions with a team.

More details about the expansion will be revealed at a later date but you can check out the official Japanese website for this expansion from here. Update: The English language website for Comrades expansion is also live now and it has detailed the features for the upcoming beta as well as the full expansion.

This closed online test is an exclusive preview that allows you to experience select elements of the upcoming multiplayer expansion. Take your custom avatar on multiplayer quests with up to three other players. Noctis and his friends will also be made playable at a later date.

Final Fantasy XV already has a Season Pass that features 3 story DLCs and one multiplayer expansion. The 2 story DLCs for Prompto and Gladio are already released while the last story DLC for Ignis is supposed to be the more story heavy one as promised by the game director and hence it will be released this December.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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