Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.03 Reportedly Adds Roads For Open World Exploration In Niflheim

Final Fantasy XV was released at the end of November and has received two major updates since its release. These updates are all quite significant in size and the reports about new content being added through update is largely unverified for now.

Square Enix has shared their plans of the post-launch support for the game, and it includes new additions to the story cutscenes so that the character motivations are explained in detail. While we haven’t received any major update related to it, it appears that one of the recent update is slowly implementing some changes in the open world portion of the second continent, that is only explored through a glitch.

The video below shows the whole second continent which the players can explore all on foot. The user mentions that it was not possible to load some of the locations like Tenebrae as it resulted in an infinite loading screen.

There are some interesting locales included here which does point towards their inclusion in the upcoming DLC episodes for the main cast of characters. We are going to get an episode for Gladio, likely located in the first region (Lucis) in an unexplored location. Similarly Ignis’ episode is going to be set in Altissia and Prompto will be able to explore some of the Niflheim empire in his episode, although it is largely speculation for now in term of the location.

Interestingly enough, the new patch for Final Fantasy XV has also added some new geometry to the unexplorable Cartinaca region, which is the first train station stop in Final Fantasy XV. You can see it in the comparison images below shared by reddit user fotmhero.

There isn’t really a lot to take away from this update but it is interesting to see that it has updated the open world a little. Perhaps Square Enix is thinking of a way to open this world for exploration as well? Since judging from the exploration video, there does appear to be an incompletely area here. Perhaps it will be playable in the upcoming DLC?

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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