Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.18 Is Live On PS4; Here’s What It Does

Square Enix has finally released the new update for Final Fantasy XV on the PS4. This update has been available to Xbox One users earlier this week and while for the Xbox One, it added support for the recently released Xbox One X hardware, it was a completely different case for the PS4 users who already had most of the support enabled for the PS4 Pro.

Despite the rather short patch notes, the patch appears to be rather significant in size for Final Fantasy XV, weighing in at more than 4 GB on PS4 while it was more than 7 GB on the Xbox One X. The difference here is that the patch added HD textures for the Xbox One X platform while this doesn’t appear to the case for the PS4 version here.

You can read the official patch notes below but keep in mind that they are rather simplified and there aren’t any detailed patch notes available as of yet.

Version 1.18

  • Removal of the two new fish added in Version 1.16
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.17

  • Addition of compatibility with MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES
  • Implementation of increased hunt capacity (Max: 10)
  • Various bug fixes

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and will launch in early 2018 for the PC.

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