Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Announced For Smartphones, Nintendo Switch Version Teased

Square Enix has announced that a ‘Pocket’ version of Final Fantasy XV is heading to the Smartphones and Windows 10 later this year. The Pocket Edition aims to recapture the whole story of the game within 10 chapters. You will be

able to download and play the first chapter free of cost but the rest of the game will cost money. The game is set to launch in Fall 2017 and the current confirmed platforms include iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will feature chibi-style visuals while presenting the story of the full game on mobile. The game is divided in chapters and will be available at once when it launches this fall. The first chapter is free to play while the rest of the game has to be purchased. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One. Square Enix has also announced a PC version of the game set to release in early 2018. The PC version comes with improved visuals, up to 8k resolution support and will also feature 4k quality textures.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has also teased a potential Switch version of the game. In a livestream during Gamescom, Tabata talked about how the development team is interested in a console that sounds like ‘Twitch’ and they are planning to do something with it. While it is possible that they might just port the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Switch, there is no official confirmation about it yet.

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