Final Fantasy XV And Pokemon Sun/Moon Are The Best Selling Games On Amazon For 2016

Amazon has released the yearly sales ranking for games on their digital store and according to the list, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the 3DS and Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 are the top 3 best selling video games.

This might come as a surprise since both of these games were released at the end of the year, Pokemon Sun and Moon in mid November while Final Fantasy XV on November 29th. Together, these games have managed to outsell PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4, which is also counted separately with the PS4 bundle on the number 4 and 5 spot respectively.

You can find the Top Ten best selling games on Amazon below, while the full PR can be accessed from here.

1. Pokemon Sun – 3DS
2. Pokemon Moon – 3DS
3. Final Fantasy XV – PS4
4. PS4 Bundle with Uncharted 4
5. Uncharted 4
6. Madden 17 – XB1
7. Madden 17 – Ps4
8. Skyrim – PS4
9. COD Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition – PS4
10. Fifa 17 – PS4

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are one of the fastest selling entry in the series. Similarly Square Enix has revealed that they shipped 5 million copies of Final Fantasy XV on Day One, including digital sales. They also confirmed it was the fastest selling mainline Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy XIII.

Let us know what you think about the sales success of both these games in the comments below.

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