Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition: Insomnia City Ruins World Map, Boss Fight And Bases Location

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Windows Edition both come with the newly added Royal Pack DLC. This DLC expands the last Insomnia City Ruins map to include many new locations and even features a drivable Regalia in this section of the world map.

The whole world map is huge to explore so if you need to get help in seeing where to head next, this world map will be able to guide you towards the location. Don’t forget that some of the sidequests that you can undertake in Isomnia City Ruins will need you to destroy atleast 3 of the empire bases with Cor, and if you fail to do so, chances are that you won’t get to see a cool cutscene featuring him during a boss fight.

The two boss fights are located on the world map above. Make sure to finish the missions offered by Cor first before you can attempt the boss fight with Cerebus. Omega is also the hardest boss in the game and will require you to utilize your armiger unleashed in order to beat him quickly.

If you want to unlock Regalia in the Insomnia City Ruins, you will have to first get the Regalia Type-D upgrade and then Talcott will be able to offer you a quest letting you unlock a Regalia Replica for the Insomnia City Ruins.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is out now for the PS4 and Xbox One while PC owners can also enjoy the Windows Edition offering similar features.

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