Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Rated By ESRB For PS4 And Xbox One

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV was released back in November 2016 but the game received a strong post-launch support along with multiple DLCs with its Season Pass. This has all culminated last year in December with Episode Ignis DLC marking the end of the Season Pass for the game. ESRB has now rated a brand new release for Final Fantasy XV with the subtitle ‘Royal Edition’ which makes it sound like a complete edition packing both the game and its Season Pass.

The ESRB description for this new release doesn’t seem to have any changes from the original Final Fantasy XV release, but the name suggests it might package all the Season Pass and DLC content into the retail release.

This is an action role-playing game (RPG) in which players control a prince and his friends as they attempt to save their kingdom from evil forces. From a third-person perspective, players move around battlefields and city environments, perform various quests, and battle an assortment of human and fantastical enemies (e.g., demons, titans). Characters use swords, guns (e.g., pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles), and magic attacks (e.g., exploding fireballs, blasts of ice) to defeat soldiers, monsters, and oversized animals in frenetic combat. Fights are highlighted by cries of pain, dramatic light effects, explosions, and realistic gunfire. A handful of cutscenes depict characters impaled on swords; one cutscene involves a woman being stabbed off-screen; another scene depicts a character with a bloodstained wound. During the course of the game, some female characters are depicted topless, with breasts that lack discernible details (i.e., no nipples). The word “sh*t” appears in the dialogue.

Final Fantasy XV is also getting a release on PC in Early 2018 with a ‘Windows Edition’ for Steam. This edition will also bundle all the post-launch content and DLCs into a single package for release on PC. There is no release date set for it with just a Early 2018 release window.

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