Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition: How To Unlock Armiger Unleashed For Noctis

Final Fantasy XV will get a Royal Edition today that is launching alongside a new set of DLC called the Royal Pack. This DLC is available to purchase now in selected regions and will be made available worldwide starting today. If you have bought the Royal Pack DLC or are playing through the Royal Edition/Windows Edition of the game, then you can get the unlimited powered-up mode for Noctis which is basically his final combat form.

Armiger Unleashed is the name for the final combat form of Noctis and now fans have discovered how to unlock it in the main game. As expect, the requirement for the accessory requires you to first get all the 13 Royal Arms in the game.

How To Get Armiger Unleashed Accessory For Noctis

The Armiger Unleashed accessory is not unlocked by default and needs the following conditions to be meet before you can try to find it.

  • Get all 13 Royal Arms for Noctis
  • Locate and obtain the Founder King’s Sigil accessory

The Royal Arms are all marked on map as Dungeons so you should be able to get them if you just explore more of it. As for the Founder King’s Sigil accessory, it can be discovered right near the beginning of the game near the entrance to Insomnia. The location can be seen in the map below (via reddit).

The Armiger Unleashed mode basically makes Noctis extremely powerful with new attacks giving him a broader range of combos. A lot of these seem to be from the early Final Fantasy XV trailers and can be finally attempted in the main game.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will launch today on March 6th for the PS4 and Xbox One. PC users can also enjoy Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition including the same content as the Royal Edition.

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