Final Fantasy XV rumored to be delayed to November 29th

Currently set to release on September 30 next month, Final Fantasy XV is rumored to have been delayed into November.

Gamnesia reports that internal Gamestop sources have told them that Square Enix has delayed the game to November 30, almost two months later than its current release date.

A source within GameStop management has tipped us off that Square Enix has delayed the game until November 29th. Promotional materials with the new date have arrived at some GameStop stores with instructions that they are not to be put up until after Sunday, August 14th, so an official announcement could be coming then.

The site claims that the source has proven to be credible in the past, giving them several scoops in the past.

The same source … has proven reliable on multiple occasions in the past. This includes leaking the release date and trade-in deals for New Nintendo 3DS as well as the release date for Star Wars Battlefront.

To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Final Fantasy XV does get delayed. The game looks in rough shape judging by the trailers and could use some more polishing. Also there are several rumors going around that the team is crunching hard and won’t be able to go gold at the previously set date.


Final Fantasy XV is set to release for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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