Final Fantasy XV Shown Running On The Xbox One X, Big Visual Leap Over Xbox One

Square Enix recently held an Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV which was also attended by the game director, Hajime Tabata. In this active time report, Square Enix Business Division 2, the development studio for Final Fantasy XV, shared their plans for the future of the game including some teases about the upcoming announcements.

During the active time report, Tabata also showed the game running on the Xbox One X for the first time and as we have already covered in this image comparison, it features an improved resolution over the PS4 Pro although it is not confirmed whether the game will run at native 4k or checkbaord 4k.

The footage was from a stream so it is unfortunately not available in high quality but even in this compressed mode, it looks like the visuals pop out on the Xbox One X especially if we compare it to the dynamic resolution of the Xbox One version of the game, which could drop as low as 720p on the Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the many games that has been confirmed to get an update for the Xbox One X. This update will provide support for higher resolution along with potential additional improved visuals.

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