Final Fantasy XV: How To Spawn a Cactuar

Apart from the classic Chocobos, which have been a staple in Final Fantasy games for a very long time, there is one creature that has been present in the series since the days of Final Fantasy VI. These are Cactuars, and they also make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV.

But more importantly than that, Cactuars can play a very important role in character progression in the game, if the player chooses to do so. And this is because they reward 3,333 EXP for each of them you kill, which is the highest amount of experience you can get for killing a single creature within the game world. They also drop special items such as Oracle Ascension Coins when defeated.

So as you may have correctly guessed, they can prove to very useful in leveling up your characters in the early moments of the game. But we suggest you wait until you have at the very least gotten hold of the Beast Whistle, which is acquired in chapter 4, as these enemies are extremely rare and hard to come across.

Once ready, head over to the areas around the Hammerhead gas station and start using the Beast Whistle to spawn some enemies. Don’t expect to get a Cactuar on your first try, but eventually you may spawn one of three variations of the enemy, namely the Cactuar, Slactuar, Gigantuar.

Also keep in mind that these enemies will attempt to run away as soon as they spawn. So take them down quickly, and try to use Thunder spells for an edge.

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Released on 29th November, 2016, Final Fantasy XV is available now on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. You can also check out our review of the game here.

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