Final Fantasy XV Special Program Stream Set For November 7th, Possibly For New DLC

Square Enix has announced a special stream for Final Fantasy XV which will air on November 7th. This livestream will supposedly reveal the upcoming Season Pass 2 DLC for the game.

As we have covered earlier this year, there will be a new Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV. This season pass will feature four episodes based on fan requests. They will feature Ardyn, Luna, Aranea and lastly Noctis. There is also an alternative ending somewhere in between but Square Enix hasn’t shared any details on which episode will feature it.

Keep in mind that the roadmap that was mentioned above wasn’t really followed properly. There was no major update or standalone version released for Comrades at all, which seems to be at odds with what was promised earlier this year.

The episodes releases that were planned were all supposed to launch by Summer 2019. They were supposed to begin dropping in Spring 2019, however, there was no update shared on it at TGS 2018 where the game was announced to get a free Terra Battle and Shadow of the Tomb Raider collaboration with an update.

The first episode is focused on Ardyn and if this stream will focus on the Season Pass, we are likely going to get our first information on it from Square Enix on November 7th. The timings can be seen below.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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