Final Fantasy XV New Tech Demo Confirmed, Features Young Noctis

Square Enix is currently holding an event to announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV. This event is called Uncovered Final Fantasy XV and while it is just a few hours away from official launch, we are already getting leaks related to the event including the confirmation of the tech demo that was teased earlier in an Active Time Report.

This tech demo was apparently leaked by someone in China and it shows us a Young Noctis who we are controlling in a Dream scenario. The video also shows some gameplay and tease platforming, exploration and some minor combat. You can check this video below.

While there is no confirmation of the release date of the demo, we do know from a leaked screenshot that the demo might get released right after the event. This was seen in a leaked screenshot that shows the date of the demo listed on the Chinese Xbox Live Store.


Final Fantasy XV will be released this year on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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