Final Fantasy XV ‘Tech Test’ Teases New Party Members, Off-road Driving And New Monsters

Square Enix has released a brand new video of Final Fantasy XV today at the Games Developers Conference. The engine tech test video is interesting because not only it shows the improvements featured in Luminous Studio Pro engine, which powers Final Fantasy XV, it also gives us a glimpse at a new type of enemy called Cereberus and possibly multiple characters that can join the party.

This engine test video shows the game running on GTX 1080 Ti so this could point towards a potential release for Final Fantasy XV on PC later down the line. Although the video shows some of the content that is planned for updates on the consoles including the ability to drive the Regalia off-road.

The current version of Regalia doesn’t work off-road so it is nice to see Square Enix implement an update that will easily allow us to go off-road driving with Regalia. We can also see multiple party members running with the main party perhaps hinting at them joining us in our fight in the game. Lastly we can spot a new enemy, Cereberus, that should be either a timed Hunt as teased, or part of the upcoming Episode Gladio DLC that is set to release on March 28th.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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