Final Fantasy XV Update 1.16 Is Live On PS4/XBO; Here’s What It Adds To Game

Final Fantasy XV has received a brand new update today for the PS4 and Xbox One. This is an important update for the story because it adds a large cutscene to Chapter 12 that expands more on the backstory and the motives for the Astrals, their war and how it all leads to the game’s story.

The download size for this new update is 4.3 GB on PS4 and 7.3 GB on Xbox One. The update implements the following changes to the game.

  • Implementation of a new sequence in Chapter 12.
  • Conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.
  • Addition of two new fish.
  • Assassin’s Festival bug fixes: invisible walls; interacting with Holly after buying the False Orders
  • various bug fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.

The new addition to the game’s story is in the form of a 15 minutes long cutscene that details the Astral Wars, some of the motivations of Luna and Gentiana and also goes deeper into the history of Shiva and Ifrit, two of the Astrals that are a part of the game.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game managed to break even with its sales on day one and has sold more than 6.5 million copies so far, becoming the fastest selling Final Fantasy in the series.

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