Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.25 Is Out Now; Here’s What It Does

Square Enix has released a brand new update for Final Fantasy XV. This update patches the game to version 1.25 and it is mostly a small update that deals with bug fixes for Comrades expansion. Along with the update for consoles, PC version has also received a brand new update version 2895458 on Steam. The last update for the game on consoles was for version 1.24 after the release of the Royal Edition.

The download size of this update is under 200 MB on both the PS4 and Xbox One. PC version update size is around the same size. The full patch notes can be seen below including the PC version.

Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.25 Patch Notes

  • Correction of an issue that prevented avatars from displaying properly in Comrades.
  • Bug caused when editing certain slider settings (eye spacing) from the default has been fixed.

Final Fantasy XV PC Update Version 2895458 Patch Notes

  • Offline Mode is now working properly.
  • Update to the executable file, likely for bug fixes.
  • Official patch notes pending.

Final Fantasy XV will get another new Season Pass with 4 story DLC in 2019. It has already been confirmed that the episodic DLC will be separate from the main game with character-focused episodes on Ardyn, Luna, Aranea, and Noctis. The first story DLC is planned for early 2019 release and will be part of another new Season Pass for the game.

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