Final Fantasy XV US box art shown off with a reversible cover

This is some pretty awesome news guys. Final Fantasy XV’s US cover just got shown off and its pretty good. The best part of the US cover is that it has a reversible cover showcasing’s the game’s  Amano art logo.

I really love the new main cover for the game as the previously release Japanese cover wasn’t doing it for me. If you know me I absolutely love Amano’s art, so seeing that reversible cover just made my day.

Check out the Final Fantasy US Covers and the reversible sides for both PS4 and Xbox One below (click to enlarge):

Do note guys that Square Enix did say that art could change before release but don’t expect any major changes as the game’s very close to release. What do you guys think of the game’s cover? Let us know below.

In other news, the game’s E3 showcase presentation just concluded which showed up a glimpse at game’s newly announced ‘Wait’ mode.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release later this year on September 30 for Xbox One and PS4.

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