Final Fantasy XV Will Feature 4-Player Online Co-op

The time has come to Rejoice fellow gamers, because Square Enix has just announced that development on their game Final Fantasy XV has finally been completed and the game has officially gone gold.

This announcement was followed by the reveal that the development team will now be focusing all their attention on the DLC for the game. What this includes is three brand new episodes, taking place during the events of the central game, that will place players in control of Noctis’ companions Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis.


Additionally, there will also be a new expansion named “Comrades”, which will take a more multiplayer focused approach with online 4 player co-op. This will allow players to play as all four companions together and engage in “new types of online adventures”.


All of the above mentioned content will be available individually, or free with the $24.99 Season Pass. Also included will will be a booster pack containing weapons, and a holiday pack.

You can also check out a brand new Moogle Gameplay trailer that was released yesterday and shows how Moogles can be used as items in-game.

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Final Fantasy XV is set to release on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on 29th November, 2016.

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