Final Fantasy XV Will Get Four More DLC Episodes After Royal Edition

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has shared some new details on the upcoming DLC content that they have planned out for the game leading into 2019.

In a new interview given to the Japanese press, Hajime Tabata has outlined their plans for the upcoming DLC episode confirming that the first episode will feature a story focused on Ardyn Izunia. This will be the first DLC episode for the game releasing after the Royal Edition. This episode will be a part of the second Season Pass that is currently being planned to include 4 episodes just like the first Season Pass.

In addition to confirming that Episode Ardyn will be the first DLC content after the launch of the Royal Edition, Tabata stated the potential episodes might be from the user feedback that they gathered last year. This feedback had a poll given to get the most requested story content and Episode Ardyn topped the poll. It is possible that we might also get an episode focused on Luna and perhaps more character as they have 3 DLC episodes in planning stage after Episode Ardyn.

Final Fantasy XV will get a Royal Edition on March 6th featuring all of the story content so far including new and improved final dungeon in the ruined world of Insomnia. The Royal Edition will launch on the PS4, Xbox One and also for the PC as the Windows Edition.

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