Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Confirmed To Use Denuvo DRM On PC

Square Enix has updated the store page for Final Fantasy XV to add the confirmation that the game will launch with the notorious Denuvo DRM. Originally, it was rumored that there won’t be DRM included in the PC version of the game however this has now been turned out to be false after the recent store update.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition was set to launch on March 6th and Square Enix has also offered PC owners to pre-load the game ahead of its launch, however the confirmation of Denuvo DRM might deter some of the more dedicated users who don’t like to see their purchase being tied to any sort of copy protection. Denuvo has usually received a bad name among the PC gaming community so the reaction to this new announcement is also mostly negative.

Final Fantasy XV has also recently received a demo on PC that featured the first chapter from the game. While the pre-load of the game is available right now, hackers have reportedly claimed that they can play the full game using the demo source files to access the pre-load data and have essentially cracked the full version before its launch. If this turns out to be true, this will show a bad picture for the legitimate customers who will be stuck with a DRM copy.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be out on March 6th for Steam, Origin and Windows 10 store.

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