Check Out Final Fantasy XV On The Xbox One In Direct-Feed 1080p Screenshots

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy XV demo titled ‘Judgment Disc’ which is only available in Japan so far. While downloading this demo is a a little complicated on the PS4, it is much easier to get the demo on the Xbox One. If you have an Xbox Live account, login into that account on the Microsoft Xbox Live store and then simply open this link. You have to get the demo from this link like a regular game purchase and then it will pop-up in your library.

Now that the demo is out for the Xbox One, we can have an idea of how the final retail version will look on it. It has already been confirmed that Xbox One will run at a dynamic resolution that goes up to 900p and can drop as low as 792p. This is the same as the standard PS4 version in term of the dynamic rendering technology, but the PS4 is able to maintain a higher resolution at 900p minimum to 1080p.

The screenshots above are taken from the beginning of the game, and while they look lovely, it is clear from some of the screenshots that the resolution can drop during intense scenes, particularly in battle and exploration. The resolution remains higher when there are cutscenes without any intense effects like the close-up of Cindy, but the drop to lower resolution can make the jaggies and shimmering much more obvious, which is rather unfortunate.

Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Demo Has PS4 Pro Support, Comparison Pics Show Huge Difference

Despite the minor qualms with the dynamic resolution, the frame rate in the demo is smooth and there aren’t any annoying framepacing issues that plagued the Platinum demo, in this respect, this latest build of the game is already leaps and bounds above the Platium demo. Honestly the screenshots don’t do it justice as it looks really good in motion on the Xbox One S, and even better on the PS4 (and PS4 Pro).

Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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