Final Fantasy XVI is a revenge tale told in a classic way

Final Fantasy XVI was officially revealed to the world last week at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event and I just wanted to comment on the information we have so far plus some other hidden facts you may not be aware of.

Final Fantasy XIV is being developed by Creative Business Unit III, one of Square Enix’s best internal development teams led by Naoki Yoshida. Creative Business Unit III is the team responsible for rescuing Final Fantasy XIV by rehauling the game with A Realm Reborn and subsequent releases namely Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017) and Shadowbringers (2019).

The development team of Final Fantasy XVI is mainly made up of the team that made Heavensward as supposedly development for the title started shortly after work on Heavensward was finished. Yoshida was previously rumored to direct the game but he’s only going to be producing Final Fantasy XVI as he’s still working as Director and Producer on Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming expansions. You have to feel for Yoshida as he’s practically heading two of Square Enix biggest upcoming titles with Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II not officially announced yet, although we do know its coming. Development on Final Fantasy XIV will obviously continue for several years as MMORPGs tend to have longer game-lifes. I do believe that Yoshida and part of the Creative Business Unit is also working on another MMORPG for a release years down the line but that’s probably in pre-pre-pre-production right now. Is anyone working harder than Yoshida right now? Certainly a question we’re not sure the answer of.

The director of Final Fantasy XVI is Horishi Takai, a veteran developer at Square Enix who you may know as the director of The Last Remnant. Takai had been working on Final Fantasy XIV’s A Realm Reborn and Heavensward releases as the Assistant Director before being chosen to lead the Final Fantasy XVI team as director. Takai is said to be close to Yoshida with many calling him his right hand man.

Although we don’t have a confirmation on the game’s composer, its currently quite evident that Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers composer Masayoshi Soken will be taking up duties as Final Fantasy XVI’s Sound Director. After the game’s reveal he retweeted the announcement on his Twitter plus the guy practically is a part of Creative Business Unit III as all his recent projects have been from that studio. Soken is known to go above and beyond the duties of a standard composer and live up to his usual position of Sound Director. Soken not only creates soundtracks but also works on the tiny details like weapon and UI sounds.

Final Fantasy XVI is certainly my most anticipated next-gen game currently and I personally can’t wait to hear more about it in 2021. Final Fantasy XVI is confirmed for a PS5 release. A PC release was also mentioned in the reveal trailer but that’s currently up in the air as a trailer without the mention of the PC release was re-uploaded shortly after.

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