Final Fantasy XVI Reveal Is Happening Soon, Will Be A Timed Exclusive [Rumor]

Final Fantasy XVI is on the verge of a reveal soon according to a new rumor. The game is also going to be a timed exclusive just like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Square Enix has a tendency to reveal a brand new game in the Final Fantasy series at the start of a generation and this trend appears to continue with the next game. It is rumored to get a reveal at the upcoming PS5 showcase event which is scheduled for September 16.

There are two sources for this rumor. First is a hint from the brand manager of the series, Shinji Hashimoto. He has retweeted the PS5 showcase announcement. Normally, it might not be a big deal but Hashimoto has a tendency to do this if there is an announcement for a project that he is working on.

The second source is Imran Khan, ex-editor at GameInformer, who has dropped a hint that this might be the event when Sony will showcase the next mainline Final Fantasy XVI.

As for the timed exclusivity is concerned, a reputable insider who leaked the whole Future of Gaming announcements and was spot-on for the most part had also hinted at Final Fantasy XVI making an appearance there. He then held on to his word and added that the game might have some form of exclusivity for PS5.

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