Final Fantasy XV’s Gladio Cosplay Gives Geralt Of Rivia A Run For Money

Gladio is a tough brute in Final Fantasy XV. He has the abs and the strength to be the royal guard for Prince Noctis but it is rare to see someone who can nail his cosplay so perfectly in real life. Meet Leon Chiro, a cosplayer who has a long list of successful cosplays in his name however the most impressive one is definitely his Gladio cosplay.

Leon Chiro is known for his hard work in the cosplay industry and this is evident from the abs that he gained for the Gladio cosplay. You can view his work on the official Facebook page while a sample of some of it can be seen below.

Leon has also attempted a cosplay for the fan favorite Prompto. While he doesn’t look as fit for the role as Gladio, his cosplay game is pretty much on point.

Final Fantasy XV was released last November for the PS4 and Xbox One. It was originally announced as a spin-off to Final Fantasy XIII called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but the name was later changed to a mainline game and the development shifted to a new director. The game was released under the direction of Hajime Tabata and has continued to received monthly updates and post-launch DLC with the latest one set to release this Fall.

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