Final Fantasy XV’s Upcoming Update Is Adding New Quest And Location In Chapter 10 – Rumor

Final Fantasy XV has finally received its latest update on January 31st. This update brings some important improvement to the game and it also lays the groundwork for the upcoming Royal Pack, which is a single player expansion that adds a new vehicle, new story content in Chapter 14 and more.

Before the release of the January 31st update, the official Final Fantasy XV universe website was refreshed to list patch notes for the upcoming upgrade. Eagle eyed users discovered that these patch notes were different from the official ones for the January update, which led them to believe that they were accidentally posted early by the developers. The patch notes were later removed but not until users from the FFXV subreddit were able to take a screenshot of it along with a full translation as seen below.

  • Addition of compatibility with New FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK DLC
  • Added “Character Compendium”
  • Winning FFXV Snapshot 4 contest entries now on display at the restaurant in Galdin Quay
  • New quest(s) added to Chapter 10
  • Various bug fixes
  • Current version saves will not work with the former version of the game
  • Once former version saves of the game are overwritten with current version saves, the former version of the game will become unavailable

The fans speculated that this might be an update for March 2018 ahead of the Royal Edition due to the mention of the ‘Royal Pack’ in the patch notes. While the source of this rumor is the official website, it is possible that these were not the final patch notes so don’t take this as confirmed news.

Some fans have started to notice that Cartanica, the location which is the main setting for Chapter 10, has slowly started to get updated and the most recent January update makes it seem like the town is now being prepared to be exporable to some extent. Cindy has her truck parked in the Town as an example, while she wasn’t present there. This will make it the first time anyone can explore this location without resorting to glitches, however since there is no update yet that implements such an option, we have to wait until the upcoming Royal Pack to see if this area is getting any new quests.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It will launch on PC on March 6th along with the Royal Pack.

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