Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Outsells Lightning Returns Life-To-Date Sales In Japan In Just Two Weeks

Earlier, we reported how Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster has outsold the debut week sales of Lightning Returns. Now it appears that the game has surpassed the life-to-date sales of Lightning Returns in Japan in just two weeks.

Lightning Returns XIII was the third entry in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, it was released on November 28th, 2013 in Japan. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster was released on 26th December, 2013 for both PlayStation 3 and the VITA and it seems like in just two weeks, Lightning Returns has been outsold by Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster.

According to latest sales number by Weekly Famitsu in Japan, Final Fantasy X/X-2 sold 50k units on PlayStation 3 and 35k untis on PlayStation VITA in its second week. This brings the combined total sales on both platforms to 402k units. Adding the known sales of the individual releases of Final Fantasy X HD(Not counting X-2) on VITA, which is 22k in its debut week, we can safely assume that Lightning Returns – whose last known sales figure puts it below 400k units – has been outsold by Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster.

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