Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD’s success could mean more remasters

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD’s director, Yoshinori Kitase spoke with RPGSite earlier and said, “We’ll have to wait and see if these remasters are going to be successful, first. If they do well, I think this will pave the way for more of the previous games to remade in an HD sort of quality.”

He was then asked which game he would remaster next.

“I mean, if we had to single out one of the vast number of Final Fantasy titles which we could make in HD, it would have to be Final Fantasy 12,” he said “I was not involved in the project, though, so we can’t really comment on that. What I can say though is that I hope the remastering of 10 and 10-2 will trigger similar projects for more of the past games.”


This is great news for those who are eager to revisit the past. Since the Kingdom Hearts games and Final Fantasy X/X-2 are already getting remasters, the most notable games left are Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy XII. To be honest, I’d be happy with either one’s HD remaster.

Which game would you like to see in HD? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Polygon.

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