Final Fantasy X/X-2’s graphical leap is made obvious through new screenshots

Square Enix has released 40 new screenshots for Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD. All screenshots are in 1080p. The game has been confirmed to run at 1080p, and not 720p like most other PS3 games. Originally released back in 2001, Final Fantasy X is a major part of the Final Fantasy franchise as it was the first Final Fantasy game to have voice acting, and one of the earliest PS2 games. The game received a lot of critical acclaim and thus led to Final Fantasy X-2, the first proper sequel to a Final Fantasy game.

Although not as good as it’s predecessor, Final Fantasy X-2 brought in new elements to the series and was quite a lot of fun. A number of fans were disappointed with the game and how some of it’s protagonists were given huge makeovers. Nonetheless, Final Fantasy X-2 is vital if you want to complete the story. Both games will be coming to the PS3 as HD remasters at a later unannounced date.

Here are the screenshots. They give us a glimpse of the game’s environments, summons, characters and monsters – all in 1080p. I must say, they make it hard for one to believe that the game is actually 12 years old. Good job, Square!

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