Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: Early Power Leveling Method

Final Fantasy XII

Over a decade after its release on the PlayStation 2, Square Enix has released the remastered version of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the PlayStation 4.

New players of the series might have a hard time at the early stages of the game, as some enemies can be hard to take down. This guide will help you power level at a fairly early part of the game, allowing you to take down any enemy with ease.

Early Power Leveling Method For Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age:

For this method of Power Leveling in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, players will have to take down a monster with the help of Phoenix Downs. So you will have to get your hands on that. If you do not have any Phoenix Downs on you, not to worry, as this guide will help you farm Phoenix Down as well.

Before we take down the monster that will help you level up, we will need to get our hands on an item called Phoenix Down. The monster that needs to be killed is quite strong, and you won’t be able to take it down without this item. By using the Phoenix Down on the monster, players will instantly kill it and you will get a ton of XP and LP (Licence Points) for the kill.

Phoenix Down Farming Method:

There are two ways to farm Phoenix Downs. The first method is time consuming but it will net you Phoenix Downs very easily. Make your way to the Esterlands and go to the spot shown in the image below:

This jar will spawn randomly and it contains the Phoenix Down. Directly behind the spot shown in the image, is a small village. Once you have opened the jar and have obtained the Phoenix Down, go to the village behind you and then enter this area again to loot the jar. Sometimes the jar will not spawn so you can just go back to the village and repeat the whole process.

If you are looking for an easier way to get Phoenix Downs and have a lot of Gil, then the second method is a lot more convenient. The second method requires you to purchase the Phoenix Down from the vendor. To unlock the item for the vendor, you must first get Penelo in your party and have the quest called Lightstone/Shadestone. Once you have met those requirements, you have to talk to Jinn in the South Giza Plains. He will be next to a black rock. Talk to him and he will give you a Shadestone. This will update the vendors and they will now sell the Phoenix Down you are looking for.

Once you have the shadestone, head to the Nalbina Fortress. Look for a vendor right next to the entrance of the fortress and he will sell you the Phoenix Down. Make sure you have a lot of Gils, as one Phoenix Down costs 200 Gils and that is a lot for the early stages of the game. If you don’t have any Gils to spare, then resort to the first method.

Kill The Dustia:

Now that you have farmed enough Phoenix Down, make your way to the Westersands and go to the location shown in the image below:

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Before you enter the area shown in the image, you must reach the requirement needed to spawn the monster mentioned before. The mob you want to kill, in order to level up, only spawns while you are below 10% HP, so before you enter the area, remove your weapon and hit yourself until you have below 10% HP.

Make sure you save the game before doing that, because you can kill yourself by accident. To make life easier, you will have to change a couple of options in your Config settings as well. You will have to change the Battle Mode option to Wait and Battle Speed to slow. This will allow you to get off an attack before the mob.

Now that you have sorted out your options and have the Phoenix Down needed, you are ready to go into the area where the Mob is located. Once there, instantly open up your items menu and use the Phoenix Down. This will instantly kill the Mob and you will get the XP and LP for the kill. Run back to the previous area and repeat the process. This will give you a ton of XP and LP, and you will be able to power level very quickly.

While doing this whole process, make sure you save often, as the Dustia mob can kill you with one hit. Hopefully this guide helped you get a ton of XP and reach the level you wanted.

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