Fire Emblem Fates might get only one version in Europe

In Japan Fire Emblem Fates, or Fire Emblem If as it’s known in the land of the rising son, released in two versions similar to the Pokemon games. Each of the two versions had a unique route and different characters as players chose which side of the conflict they want to represent. There’s also a third route released via DLC.

Regarding the game’s international release Nintendo of America pretty much confirmed that North America will be getting both versions of the game. This might not be the case in Europe as Amazon UK is notifying interested buyers that there will be only one version of the game released in Europe with players getting the choice to choose which path they want to choose in game instead. This is great as this saves fans having to buy two copies of the game to play the full story, plus the third DLC route.


Fire Emblem Fates releases in the West sometime in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully Nintendo clarifies the situation as all this “version” is getting confusing.

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