Fire Emblem Fates: How To Recruit Every Character In Conquest

Fire Emblem Fates is a strategy RPG featuring a lot of recruitable characters. The game can be bought in two different versions: Birthright and Conquest. It also includes a DLC expansion called Revelations. Since the story is tied between them, it is recommend to get all three versions in order to reach the conclusion of the story.

This guide will cover all the recruitable characters in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.

NameClassHow To Recruit
AzuraSongstressJoins in Chapter 6
FeliciaMaidJoins in Chapter 2 if player avatar is Male, otherwise will join in Chapter 15.
IzanaOnmyojiCan be recruited after upgrading Hot Springs to Level 3 in Birthright/Conquest. Cannot be recruited in Revelations.
JakobButlerJoins in Chapter 2 if player avatar is Female, otherwise will join in Chapter 15.
KazeNinjaJoins at the end of Chapter 8.
MozuVillagerCan be recruited in the prologue “”Tragic Start” after talking to her on battlefield.
ShuraAdventurerCan be recruited by talking on battlefield in Chapter 22 (Birthright) or Chapter 16 (Conquest)
SilasCavalierCan be recruited in Chapter 7 by talking on battlefield.
ArthurFighterJoins in Chapter 7 on Turn 4.
BerukaWyvern RiderJoins in Chapter 10 on Turn 3.
BennyKnightJoins in Chapter 13 on Turn 3.
HinataSamuraiCan be recruited by talking to her in Chapter 9.
CamillaMalig KnightJoins in Chapter 10 on the 3rd Turn.
CharlotteFighterJoins in Chapter 13 on the 3rd Turn.
EffieKnightJoins in Chapter 7 on Turn 4.
EliseTroubadourJoins in Chapter 7 on the 3rd Turn.
OrochiDivinerJoins at end of Chapter 7.
FloraMaidAppears in Chapter 19 in My Castle one battle after upgrading the Launcher, Ballista, or Fire Orb to Level 3
GunterGreat KnightJoins in Chapter 15 and is a version-neutral character.
KeatonWolfskinTalk to him on the battlefield with player avatar in Chapter 14/
LaslowMercenaryJoins in Chapter 12.
LeoDark KnightJoins in Chapter 14.
ScarletWyvern LordJoins at end of Chapter 13.
SelenaMercenaryJoins in Chapter 10 on the 3rd turn.
NyxDark MageTalk to her,with your Player Avatar in Chapter 9.
OdinDark MageWill join on the 2nd Turn in Chapter 8.
PeriCavalierJoins in Chapter 12.
XanderPaladinJoins in Chapter 16.

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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is out now on the Nintendo 3DS.

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