Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get Legendary Heroes With Summoning Focus

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now for iOS and Android platforms. It is a brand new Fire Emblem game from Nintendo that features the traditional strategy based combat system from the games and includes almost every major character from the various Fire Emblem games.

To celebrate the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is offering two Summoning Focus events that are time limited so make sure to utilize them and unlock your favorite heroes before they end.

Summoning Focus: Legendary Heroes

This even will run from February 2nd to 15th and features the following legendary heroes.

  • Marth: Altean Prince
  • Tiki: Dragon Scion
  • Robin: High Deliver
  • Lucina: Future Witness


Summoning Focus: Deep Devotion

  • Roy: Young Lion
  • Lyn: Lady of the Plains
  • Takumi: Wild Card
  • Camilia: Bewitching Beauty

To summon these heroes, you will need to be able to draw atleast a 5 star Orb. The trick to getting a 5 star Orb through summon is to keep using the same color summoning orb, which also lowers the cost for each of the subsequent summoning orb.

Users will also be able to get two free Orbs each day starting from February 2nd.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for download now on the iOS and Android. The game is free to play but has micro transactions for the summoning orbs, currency and more.


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