Fire Emblem If To Include “My Castle” Feature

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a new feature that will be included in the new chapter of the Fire Emblem franchise. This feature will be called “My Castle” which basically consists of a base building mechanic where you can  create your own stronghold, with houses, shops, etc. and it will be subjected to invasions from other players.


You can share your own base and join other players’ castle to buy certain weapons not available in your land, for example. In addition, if you own the Marth, Robin, Ike or Lucina amiibo, you can tap them on your 3DS to let them join your castle.

You can check out the Japanese trailer explaining this feature below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”6oO7b-oWl2g”]

Fire Emblem If was announced for 3DS during the Nintendo Direct aired on April 1st in two versions, in which you’ll choose one of the two opposing kingdoms in the game, the Hoshido or the Nohr Kingdom. The Nohr version will be more difficult than the Hoshido one, rewarding the more skilled players. And there are many of them, as proved by the game’s popularity.

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