Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Characters Revealed

Nintendo has shared more details on the upcoming DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors. The game is set to receive 3 different DLC packs after launch including new characters from Fire Emblem Fates, Awakening and Shadow Dragon.

Fire Emblem Warriors is out tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. The season pass of the game will feature 3 DLC packs each containing atleast 3 characters. The game also offers the choice to download a Japanese language DLC if you want to play through it with the original voices intact.

The first DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors will launch in December. This will be followed by another DLC in February and then culminating with the last DLC pack in March. Each DLC pack will contain three new playable characters, three new History scenarios, new costumes, new weapons and new support conversations inspired by games in the franchise including Fates, Awakening and Shadow Dragon. You can buy each pack separately for $8.99 or get the Season Pass for $19.99.

The following DLC characters will be making their jump into the game from their respective game in the series.

  • Fates: Azura, Niles and Oboro
  • Awakening: Tharja, Owain and Olivia
  • Shadow Dragon: Navarre, Linde and Minerva

Fire Emblem Warriors is currently set to launch on October 20th for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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