Firewatch Dev Explains Why They Can’t Run Locked 30 FPS On PS4, Considering New Version Of Unity

Firewatch has just received a new patch on PS4 that is intended to improve its performance. The game launched with several performance issues and as a result, the developers have released 2 patches so far that aim to improve the performance along with the graphical quality of the game.

One of the Camp Santo dev shared an update for the game on the official Firewatch reddit in which he explained how the game has done well for them and how they might be looking into updating the Unity game engine for it.

We want to do another big update in the future that ships a bunch of subtitle languages (TBD) and actually moves the game to an entire new version of Unity to continue to help performance. I don’t expect anyone here to understand what that takes but, let’s just say we ran the game on new engine code last night and half the world was rendering upside down. SO it’ll be a little bit of an investment but the game has done so well on both PS4 and Steam that we think it’s really worth it. I can’t confirm we’re going to be successful in any of this, but in the spirit of everyone being really great in this sub, wanted to share with you some unfiltered goings-on.


He also shared the reason why they can’t lock the game to 30 FPS on PS4, since Firewatch currently runs at an uncapped 30 FPS.

The reason we don’t lock at 30FPS is because of one of the low-level engine issues we’re looking at addressing in a Unity upgrade (when Unity 5.4 is actually live). If we locked at 30 and then dropped even one or two frames below, the game just performs much much worse than if we weren’t targeting 60.

Basically if the developers had locked the game to 30 FPS on PS4, its performance could have been far worse than the unlocked 30 FPS even if there were no major frame rate drops. This issue can be possibly fixed in a newer update to Unity game engine.

Firewatch is out now on the PC and PS4. It was developed by indie studio Campo Santo and published by Panic!.

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