Firewatch Limited Edition Physical Copy Set To Come Out This Year

Firewatch developers, Campo Santo, has announced that they will be releasing physical copies of their super popular adventure game.

Campo Santo is working with Limited Run Games to provide the fans with physical copies of Firewatch, which is currently a game that is only digitally. Limited Run Games is popular for providing physical copies of the games that are only available in digital form.


They have provided physical copies of games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Stealth Inc, Lone Survivor, and more. The release of the physical edition of the game is for fans who would want to have a memento of the game, or for fans who like to collect games.

The physical copy of Firewatch will be coming exclusively to the PS4 and will include the disc itself, alongside a map which is based on the map of Shoshone National Forest in the game. A recent update for Firewatch added PS4 Pro support, so players can also enjoy the game on their new PS4 Pro if they choose to pick up a copy.

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Limited Run Games will be releasing less then ten thousand physical copies of the game, so fans will have to be quick if they wish to get their hands on a physical copy of Firewatch. The price of the physical copy of Firewatch is not yet confirmed, however, we can expect a $24.99 price tag.

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