First Confirmed Game Revealed For PS Plus April 2017

PS Plus games for the month of April 2017 will be revealed at the end of this month but Sony has already confirmed the first free game for PlayStation Plus users and it is developed by a former God of War developer, David Scott Jaffe.

This news was shared on the official PlayStation Blog where the developer confirmed that Drawn to Death, which is their first game as an indie studio, will be available free of cost to all the PS+ subscribers next month. The date of the release was also confirmed as the game will be available on April 4th, meaning this is the date when the PlayStation Plus lineup will change again for its subscribers.

PS Plus games are usually announced in the last week of the month so it is nice to get the confirmation earlier than the official reveal date. Drawn to Death is a online multiplayer shooter featuring an interesting pencil sketch based art style. It was originally revealed at PSX 2014 and the development of the game is being headed by David Jaffe, who is known for his work on Twisted Metal and God of War series.

Drawn to Death can be download free for those who have a PS Plus subscription on April 4th. The other PS Plus games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita haven’t been confirmed yet so we will have to wait for them to be revealed in the coming days.

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