First Splinter Cell Game Is Playable On Xbox One Thanks to Backwards Compatibility

Splinter Cell fans can rejoice since they can now finally return to the franchise if they own an Xbox One. Microsoft has confirmed today that Splinter Cell: Conviction is now available to play on the Xbox One through the backwards compatibility program. This means that if you own the game digitally or have a retail disc, it should be ready to play on the Xbox One.

Splinter Cell Conviction took the series in a bold new direction and it was received well by critics. While the series might not have received a new game this generations, it is nice to return to the series with the release of Conviction.

If you don’t own Splinter Cell Conviction, you can also grab it in the current Ubisoft sale where it is available to purchase with 50% discount from the original price. However, if you have already bought the game digitally or own the retail disc for it, there is no need to get it again and you can simply play it on your Xbox One.

There were rumors about a possible Splinter Cell game in development however there hasn’t been any official word on it so far. Perhaps we might see the franchise return this E3, but so far, it doesn’t appear to be case.

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