First Story Trailer Released For Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is still a ways off, with the game set to be released in February of 2017. But now, developer Rebellion Developments has released the first story trailer for the game.

The trailer, seen below, is the first in a series of special SOE Intel briefing videos that will be released for the game before launch. This first one deals with “Italy 1943”, and provides some exposition in terms of the role of the country during World War II, as well as why the developers found it an interesting theater for the game to be set in during World War II.

Sniper Elite 4 tells the story of Office of Strategic Services agent Karl Fairburne in the immediate aftermath of the events of the last game.

“In Sniper Elite 4, Karl is plunged into a country that’s been under the yoke of Mussolini’s Fascism for more than two decades. Political opposition to the regime was either crushed early on or escaped abroad. Now, though, discontent is growing. The populace has grown weary of the war and numerous military defeats. Hunger is widespread, diseases like typhus are increasingly prevalent, and the Allied bombing campaign continues unabated. Strikes in the north temporarily cripple war production and civil unrest begins to stir. And amidst it all, Hitler’s Nazis remain Mussolini’s honored guests.”


The many environments of Sniper Elite 4 draw inspiration from actual locations and real wartime events, with the maps this time around being three times as big as those in Sniper Elite 3. You can read up on the game in more detail here.

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Sniper Elite 4 is slated for release on 14th February, 2017, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. More Intelligence videos are set to be released in the coming week.

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